Unique Performance VB Case Study

Unique Performance Volleyball, NFP has a unique relationship with John Sutton, the founder of RandomWalk. See, John also helped get Unique Performance Volleyball off the ground in the fall of 2007. Then when his work took him to Chicago, Unique Performance Volleyball needed some help getting the clubs name and services out to the public. RandomWalk implemented a new site design, SEO services to better rank the uniquevb.com site locally and nationally for non-branded terms, and RandomWalk utilized local geo-targeting of paid search ads to market the club’s services while keeping costs minimal.
Having a not-for-profit company as a client presents some interesting challenges; costs are in the forefront of everyone’s mind, yet the marketing goals and desire for the newest technologies in a site design are still warranted. RandomWalk took a new approach to the site design by utilizing our own modified Content Management System in order to allow updates by the coaches and directors of the club without the need for technical prowess. This is not the optimal choice for optimization or design, but it allows for decreased update costs. RandomWalk also created and managed a small search marketing budget. By utilizing geo-targeting and localization of keywords, we were able to drive sufficient traffic to the site while keeping costs minimal.

The newest hurdle has been the introduction of UniqueVb.com’s online store. We built the store on a low-cost ecommerce platform that can be managed by the not-so tech savvy user. Since the sites introduction, and after utilizing RandomWalk’s e-commerce feed generation processes, UniqueVb.com has ranked in the top 2 positions organically and through shopping engines for 10% of their small product catalog.

If you’d like to learn more about our not-for-profit services, or for general information, please use our contact us form.

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